Van trying to die on me?

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Hey Renfam.

I have a 2015 Traffic 1.6 Twin T X86 Past due for it’s interval service by a month or so, which I’m not doing because this is not a work vehicle and the whole world has other priorities right now. It gets driven about 8 blocks a day on average and the Major Service is due in about 1000km anyway.

So the other day it gives me a warning that I need to check the anti-pollution system. No problem, that will be addressed in the aforementioned Major Service. I start it up and I have no Speed ​​Limiter or Cruise Control anymore. I stop at the lights and have no Start / Stop anymore. I also have limited, choppy engine power as if I were driving on the last drops of fuel. It’s now telling me to check everything “Anti-P, Cruise, Limiter, Start / Stop, etc”.

Has every system in my relatively young vehicle died simultaneously, or has it gone into some infuriating, horribly timed Limp Mode?

Can the service team disable this “function”?


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